Luminaire Red Light Therapy does not take responsibility for any injury/illness which may occur due to a medical condition.  Please speak to your medical professional before undertaking the treatment. 

WEIGHT – the maximum weight limit for the PBM bed is 20 stone.

CANCER – if you are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy or have cancer/metastasis, you must get permission from your oncologist that they are happy for you to receive this treatment.

ORAL MUCOSITIS – PBM therapy is an increasingly accepted treatment for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, a severe ulcerating inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth (can also effect the intestines, bowels and vagina). We recommend you receive approval from your oncologist before undertaking this treatment.

ORGAN TRANSPLANT – if you are on immune suppressant medications after having an organ transplant the risks have not been established so we would advise against having this treatment unless agreed by your consultant.

BIPOLAR DISEASE – the effects of PBM on bipolar disease is not widely known, therefore you must speak to your health professional before undertaking the treatment.

PREGNANCY – the risks have not been established so we would advise you against Whole Body PBM therapy whilst you are pregnant.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA – You are enclosed in a bed with a canopy and therefore it may not be suitable for anyone who may suffer from anxiety in enclosed spaces.

MEDICATION – If you are currently taking medication which is affected by sunlight, or you have done so within the last 6 weeks, you will not be suitable for this treatment and should speak to your healthcare professional about when it is suitable for you to safely begin treatment.

Following treatment you may experience short term side effects of headache and eye strain, this is due to the intense light on the body. It should pass in 20-30 minutes.